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Capturing the intimate details without being around

So finally, the D-day has arrived and you are all set to exchange vows in the presence of family members, friends and guests. Capturing these moments is certainly special, but capturing them in a unique and candid form certainly requires creative eyes. We at Story Image, have been undertaking candid wedding photography projects in Mumbai and Pan-India to present our creative skill at higher level. Whether it’s a catholic wedding, Maharashtrian wedding, south India or any other, we don't limit our creative boundaries. From bride and groom to guests we capture every moment uniquely without making our target know they are being captured.

Our expert photographers spread themselves in different areas, but are still connected using walkie-talkie. This is to ensure we don't miss any magical moment of the wedding. Candid wedding photography isn't just about capturing people, but also the rituals. The angle, proper lights and the lens, everything matters a lot. So we are well-prepared to capture he magical day. The aim is to create a storyline from the event.

Our favorite candid images from wedding are always the in-between moments. From the big laughs to tears in the final moment while down the aisle. Our process of candid wedding is involves meeting couples, having a brief discussion and signing the deal. So you can gives us the complete responsibility to capture event candidly.

Do feel free to contact us now and check our portfolio to sign us