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About StoryImage

About Story Image

Mr. Laxman Sawant with his innovative ideas for wedding photography started Story Image, the sister company of Candid Clicks. With a team of 25 highly trained and experienced professional photographers, we engage in creating timeless memories in the form of videos and images. Our Pan-India service also include pre-wedding cinematic and wedding candid cinematographic work along with traditional wedding day photography, thus we are proud to be one of the leading wedding photography companies in Mumbai.

Story Image knows the significance of wedding memories in couple’s life and so Laxman and his team try their best to capture every aspect of the event and document it with vivid colours.

Showering the Uniqueness :

Story Image with its unique and fresh perspective tries to click every single moment in the wedding, because ultimately all what remains, are memories of that auspicious day.

What makes us different from other wedding photographers in India is ease of our process. We supervise and execute every project as per the requirements of clients. We at Story Image don't limit ourselves with fun and comfort but add exceptional value which you observe in our post-wedding outputs.

Under our unique photography service segment, we offer

What we believe :

From exchanging vows and promises to exuberant videos of dance moves on the floor, we'll be there to capture every moment of your wedding. We cannot afford to miss any of your magical moments, which you shall cherish for years to come.

Our Vision

Covering over 100 weddings, our vision is to take wedding photography to a whole new level. We aim to work with both brides and grooms having unique artistic expectations. Story Image is always eager to keep a durable cordial relationship with clients.

Our Mission

We at Story Image are keenly working towards the mission to be one of the leading wedding photography companies in India, but not just in Mumbai. We will travel to destined places at a time to capture weddings for turning it into treasure of creative films and images.