Capturing the Couple’s Chemistry

Pre-wedding cinematography captures the real chemistry between couples. The moving image gives an experience of watching real romantic movies and has fully customized themes. We at Story Image backed with high-end professional equipment and professionals, create creative themes and discuss with couples. We make them comfortable to enact and give the best natural looking action. Peppered with funny anecdotes, moments and drama, our moving stills have everything couples look for.

Only pre-wedding photos are now not enough, but keeping the essential events in the form of video is also important. Couple look for pre-wedding cinematography in India from professional who understand the aesthetic of it. We at Story Image are always a step ahead in making the process engaging. We involve family members and friends who discuss about couples, their love and what makes the couple special. For pre-wedding cinematography, we hunt down captivating locations that induces us to bring out our creativity and experience to produce high-quality work.

The usual pre-wedding cinematography is not more than 10 minutes, added with beautiful song. We like to arc the entire video what usually couples enjoy - Visiting a coffee shop, natural location or giving a storyline of how you met. This gives a more organic and less contrived feeling while watching the video. Indian weddings are all about blending with tradition and romance. Our team meets the client, discuss ideas and then choose date for the shoot.

Get in touch with us to know more about our pre-wedding cinematography service in Mumbai, and schedule a date to capture moments.