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What Special About Story Image

We at Story Image believe in giving more than the usual service and what you deserve. Photography is one set of service we offer to our clients, but to keep the relationship strong and offer more than expectation is what we strive on. Keeping this in mind, Story Image offers you with special segment called- What Special.

Under this, we have epitome of features that can help you to customize and get our service in full-fledge. The main aim of introducing What Special is to help us to make entire process handy and you to earn benefit. It’s obvious that once the occasion is over you tirelessly wait for the album and videos to share with friends and family. So we have introduced the Unique Online Invitation service, further divided into two parts :

Whats Special About Story Image
Invitation Part : This part allows our clients to send invitation to their guests. This clientele support mail has Invitation Photo, Give Direction and Send Response. Under this, you will update on whether respective guests will attend the wedding or not. You can even share the invitation on WhatsApp. Thank you : Under this we have our own server, where in clients can upload photos and videos (irrespective of the size) without any issue. You can even send the link to friends and relatives.

We at Story Image are the only wedding photographers in Mumbai offering Unique Online Invitation service and are the major selling point. Along with this, What Special has other silent features to offer